Executive .


Sanjay Kumar


A Diligent, Humble, and Pioneering entrepreneur with years of experience in the dynamic sector. He saw the dream, took the opportunity, and planted the seed to make MarkeStac a leading white label marketing automation agency. 


Devdeep Singh


A Versatile, Perseverant, and Resilient entrepreneur who is also a Certified HubSpot professional with 5+ years of experience in marketing automation. A firm believer in “No guts, no glory! ” he believed in the capability of MarkeStac and decided to turn the dream into reality.

Meet Our Team.

Sparsh Sagar
Project Manager
Sonu Kumar
Vishal Jamwal
HubSpot Specialist
Karan Singh
HubSpot Specialist
Prateek Singh
HubSpot Specialist
Bandana Devi
Digital Marketer
Isha Sharma
content writer
Rohan Prabhakar
Sales Executive
Khushboo Verma
Digital Marketing Intern
Aniket Sahu
FrontEnd Designer Intern

Some of the clients we have worked with.