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Hubspot for Startups- A B2C Marketing Automation Tool to Boost Your Revenue

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

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Hubspot is marketing automation software that provides enhanced convenience for inbound sales and marketing businesses. In fact, the tools it provides can help startup businesses gain more visitors, turn them into leads, and increase sales to help the business grow.

Similarly, you can opt to use Hubspot for startups which has the same Hubspot tools businesses use at a special rate, depending on the size of your business.

Moreover, you will also get additional educational and training materials to help you boost your business. With that said, continue reading to know more about Hubspot for startups program and how it can help boost your business.

What Programs Offer in Hubspot for Startups

The Seed and Series A programs of the Hubspot service provider for startups offer a lot of benefits. Aside from the discounts, many of the tools and services are based on the Hubspot services you currently use.

In this case, a Hubspot for startups program provides a lot of flexibility since you have world-class free and integrated CRM, marketing automation software, and communication management software. As a result, you get the most out of your money with all of these combined.

Aside from these features, what makes Hubspot for startups setup enticing is the executive guidance, access to founders and entrepreneurs affiliated with Hubspot, and strategy consultation features.

For example, the Hubspot onboarding feature for startup businesses can offer many benefits using the resources and connections they can access, helping them manage their business and reach success more easily.

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3 Key Ways Hubspot for Startups Can Boost Your Business

So, how exactly can Hubspot for startups boost your business? In this case, it can do so in three different ways. They are as follows:

1 - Making Your Own Inbound Marketing Plan

Using the inbound approach of Hubspot, you can make your marketing strategy better. In fact, the Hubspot for startups setup has many features to increase your site’s traffic, convert your leads into customers, and improve your inbound marketing strategy.

Similarly, you can use the marketing software to implement marketing automation to attract the right people to your website, make landing pages that effectively create conversions, establish personalized emails, and provide quality leads to your team.

Another good thing about this is that you do not have to spend a lot of time manually transferring and inputting lead information into numerous spreadsheets.

Simply put, marketing automation is one of the best sales tools for startups because it moves customer information in all the tools, so you save much effort and time.

Moreover, the analytics feature of the program allows you to check how efficient your campaigns are, apply the correct methods to your income, and provide ideas on how you can better work on your future marketing plans.

For example, when you choose the marketing hub, you can monitor the ad expenses you spent on Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and supply this information to your Hubspot.

Therefore, it can be easier to track and justify what you spent and focus more on the platforms that generate more money. This marketing hub also provides convenience for marketing asset management such as social media, videos, SEO, and blogs.

2 - Monitoring Sales Outlook in the Future

Hubspot implementation services for sales can also help you level up your business if you still use spreadsheets to track lead information manually.

In this case, the sales hub of this startup program can help you organize your leads into various categories. Moreover, you can monitor how successful your marketing campaigns or sales are by utilizing the report and analytics feature of the platform.

Another thing you can do with Hubspot’s sales hub is to create an email series that manages interaction with possible customers and develop leads.

Aside from this, it also has helpful tools that help you track activities, have better visibility, combining your inbox on Gmail or Outlook, manage contact details, and talking with current and possible customers in real-time.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about sending a new email to everyone when you get a lead from marketing through Hubspot’s sales hub. This is because, through this feature, you can send emails to possible customers based on the data segments you have in your CRM.

In general, your meetings, emails, and sales will be smoother with this feature. So, if you want sales processing more manageable for you and your team, this feature is highly recommended.

3 - Providing Quality Customer Service

One of the Hubspot professional services under their service hub is the customer service feature. In fact, this automated service can help desk processes become better and manage customer connections more efficiently.

Moreover, suppose you integrate your business phone system to this feature. In that case, you can use your Hubspot dashboard to receive calls from your customers directly. In this case, the significant advantage is seeing your customers’ conversation and complaint history when they call you.

This can be significantly helpful to your customer service team when they take calls because they can proactively provide service even though they have not previously talked to these customers.

In addition, the service hub can also provide survey prompts to customers to gather their feedback, begin a real-time chat conversation, make and organize base articles, accessibility of the reporting feature to customers to know what improvements can be done to your customer service, and manage support tickets.

Aside from this, you can also enable the customers to figure out the answers to their questions through knowledge base management under the self-service features. Therefore, you can lower the traffic coming to your customer support helpdesk.

Another way this feature helps boost your business is by collating all the frequently asked questions through the live chat agents or bots and creating an FAQ page so that customers can more easily and quickly find the responses they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do Hubspot services and Hubspot for starters cost?

The starting price for the marketing hub is $890 every month for the pro level for Hubspot. On the other hand, the CRM suite’s starting cost for pro-level is $1,600.

Similarly, the marketing hub for the enterprise level is about $3,200 every month, and the CRM suite for this level is $4,000 every month.

However, if you are qualified for the startup program, the price can go down to $89 every month for the marketing hub of the pro-level and $160 for the CRM suite for the same level.

In turn, the marketing hub for the enterprise level is about $320 every month, and the CRM suite for the same level is $400 every month.

2. How much does a Hubspot service provider charge for each contact?

In this case, the price is $20 every month for every 1,000 contacts for the starter plan. For the same number of users on the pro plan, the price is an additional $50 every month.

Of course, enterprise users tend to have lower rates for extra 1,000 contacts, enjoying this at only an additional $10 every month.


Finally, you understand how Hubspot for startups can help businesses. In this case, if you qualify for this program and want to enjoy all the benefits of Hubspot, getting professional help from MarkeStac is highly recommended.

With that said, you can easily connect with your target market, turn them into customers, and provide excellent service through this team of Hubspot professionals.

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