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B2C Marketing Automation: The Best Marketing Automation Platforms for B2C Startups Business

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

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Unlike B2B companies, whose customers are fellow businesses, B2C companies need to cater to a broader audience, composed mostly of individual customers. Because of this, it can be more challenging for them to find a marketing approach that resonates with everyone, as well as implement it once they have it.

After all, it can be time-consuming and arduous to create and send targeted and personalized messages to customers, especially if you’re only starting out.

Fortunately, nowadays, B2C startups can use various B2C marketing automation tools to help them with their marketing campaigns. However, with the numerous options available these days, how can these businesses choose the right one?

With that said, this article will list down all the best marketing automation software for B2C startups that can help you find the most suitable one for your own business.

B2C Marketing Automation: An Overview

Before discussing the top marketing automation tools for B2C, let’s first discuss what it is. In general, marketing automation refers to the process of using software solutions to execute, manage, and keep track of a business’s marketing efforts.

However, with B2C marketing automation, business owners still retain a high level of personalization and relevance in their marketing efforts, even when conducted using computer programs.

This is a stark contrast to B2B marketing automation, wherein the content is more mass-oriented than individualized. Because of this unique quality of marketing automation for B2C businesses, business owners are more likely to receive better results in terms of audience engagement.

Advantages of Using Marketing Automation Software for B2C Startups

To understand the importance of marketing automation software for B2C startups, let’s discuss some of its advantages.

In this case, your B2C startup can enjoy the following benefits when you use marketing automation tools for their campaigns:

  • Boost your marketing team’s efficiency when creating and implementing new strategies.

  • Experience quicker returns on your investment

  • Bridge any gaps in knowledge when analyzing your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

  • Track users’ data more quickly to enhance future marketing efforts

  • Provide more personalized and engaging messages without using too much time and resources

  • Improve customers’ experience for better results, especially in sales

Advantages of Using Marketing Automation - Hubspot guy
Advantages of Using Marketing Automation Software for B2C Startups

Marketing Automation: the Top 5 Tools for B2C Startups

Now that you know more about marketing automation for B2C businesses and its advantages, let’s discuss the best marketing automation software for small businesses.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is undeniably one of the most famous marketing automation tools out there, its popularity boosted by the company’s free B2C CRM software. However, this is not the only reason for its popularity among B2C startups.

In fact, this software also offers an extensive range of marketing automation tools that makes it easier for business owners to create and keep track of effective and personalized marketing campaigns.

For example, some of these features include convenient HubSpot onboarding support, easy landing page creation, effective email marketing automation, and comprehensive analytics.

HubSpot also allows for integrations with more than 500 third-party apps, making it easier and more convenient for business owners to run their campaigns.

However, the downside is that the prices for its subscriptions can be costly, although they do have a Free plan for those who want to try it out.

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Aside from the HubSpot B2C marketing automation software, ActiveCampaign is another popular marketing automation tool for B2C businesses.

It’s even credited with being the first company to come up with visual automation workflow builders, which enables users to automate processes using an easy-to-understand drag-and-drop interface.

Because of this, even those without knowledge or training in coding can build complex and comprehensive automation sequences with ease.

Aside from this, they’re constantly releasing new features to stay ahead of the competition and ensure smoother marketing automation workflows for companies. However, one downside to this tool is that its B2C CRM features aren’t as robust as standalone platforms.


Another excellent marketing automation software for small business operations is AutoPilot. Like the others, it also features an intuitive surface, complete with a visual automation workflow builder.

Yet, what’s unique about AutoPilot is that it lets users annotate their sequences using things like stickers, emojis, and some explanations to help them clarify these sequences.

This can be especially helpful for those working in a team since these facilitate better collaboration among the members. Moreover, it also allows business owners to set goals for each sequence, making it easier to gauge if it performed well.

However, the only disadvantage to AutoPilot’s marketing automation tool is that it doesn’t have a built-in B2C CRM, which can make it more challenging to create sequences for specific customer groups. However, it can integrate quite well with the free HubSpot B2C CRM tool.


Offering numerous features to help make your email marketing campaigns a success, MailChimp is undoubtedly one of the leading names in the industry of email marketing automation software.

In fact, it currently has around 14 million active customers, making it one of the most prominent email marketing automation tools available. With this B2C marketing automation tool, you can easily create personalized emails to your customers that allow for better engagement and conversions.

It also integrates with more than 200 third-party applications, allowing you to enjoy a more comprehensive experience with your marketing efforts.

However, unlike other marketing automation tools, MailChimp’s features offer limited chances for customization, making it a less flexible option.


Last but not least is Omnisend, one of the leading tools when it comes to marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. In fact, this marketing automation software tool was specifically designed for these types of businesses.

As a newer tool on the market, Omnisend offers an extensive list of innovative marketing automation features that allow B2C marketers to quickly create effective marketing campaigns for their businesses.

In fact, this tool even offers integrations with today’s most prominent messaging tools like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, making it possible to automate their marketing efforts in various channels.

Yet, its most significant feature is that this marketing automation tool integrates seamlessly with your chosen e-commerce platform, whether it’s Magento, Shopify, or something else.

However, one of the downsides of this marketing automation tool is that you’ll need to input your data from scratch whenever you need to launch marketing campaigns on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding B2C marketing automation platforms.

1. What is the best marketing automation platform? When it comes to the best platform, the answer typically depends on what you need as a marketer. Marketing automation software solutions come with different features, with some being better for a specific purpose than others. For example, HubSpot can be the perfect choice for marketers that want a comprehensive all-in-one tool for their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, Omnisend can be ideal if you need an automation tool with an integrated B2C CRM software and is specifically designed for e-commerce businesses.

2. Is HubSpot good for B2C?

Overall, yes, it is. There are numerous HubSpot services that are all designed to help B2C businesses provide better experiences for their customers. Moreover, their marketing automation tool is considered one of the most powerful software solutions available these days.

Similarly, the HubSpot service hub has made it more convenient for B2C businesses to integrate their marketing strategies into one centralized location.

However, suppose you’re unsure of how to maximize HubSpot’s features. In that case, it might be best to get help from those who can, such as the professionals at MarkeStac.

Their team is well-versed in everything related to HubSpot, so you can rely on them to maximise what your HubSpot account has to offer and deliver top-notch results.

3. What does marketing automation software do?

As mentioned, marketing automation software helps business owners and marketers make their marketing efforts more efficient by automating most of the processes involved. In this case, these tools allow for increased efficiency and lower costs while providing excellent results.

4. How do I choose a marketing automation platform?

When choosing the best marketing automation software for your business, it would be best if you considered several factors, including:

  • Your goals for both your business and marketing campaigns

  • How much control you need over their operations

  • What other tools you need it to integrate with

  • What features you value the most when it comes to these tools, such as customization, flexibility, or user-friendliness

5. What is marketing automation software?

A marketing automation software is a valuable tool that helps streamline a business’s marketing efforts, ensuring that their campaigns reach their intended audience, convey their message, and receive the ideal results.

Final Thoughts

B2C businesses may find it more arduous to find and implement the ideal marketing strategy for their company, primarily since they cater to a broader audience than B2B businesses.

Fortunately, B2C marketing automation is now possible with the help of various tools that allow business owners to efficiently streamline the implementation of their marketing strategies, resulting in better results.

With that said, hopefully, this list of the best marketing automation platforms has helped you find the most suitable tool for your business.

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