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A Guide to Best CRM Software for your Industry - MarkeStac

Best CRM Software by Industry - Markestac

CRM or Customer relationship management software is a tool that is used for managing your organization’s communications and relations with your existing or future customers. CRM software not only allows your organization to stay connected but also helps you restructure your organization’s processes and drive profitability.

Finding the right software that caters to your business needs is a daunting task and requires a hell of amount of research. According to industry estimates from Grandview Research, more than 91% of companies with 10 or more employees use a CRM to manage conversations with customers.

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Every industry is different, and so are its processes and functioning, and hence every industry is looking for different CRM software.

Why does your business need CRM software?

Year after year, CRM is becoming the area where most of the organization’s revenue is being spent when it comes to enterprise software. Every business needs proper strategies in place to make their business last longer in these times of fierce competition. Staying at par with the latest trends, technologies, to process reliable information, is difficult. Hence, CRM software comes into play.

Having CRM software can help you enjoy a transparent view of the customers, and get a simple dashboard of all your previous existing customers, their history, and the status of their tasks with you. These systems are also used as efficient sales and marketing tools as they help you track the service request, complaints raised at different platforms at a dedicated platform and hence allow you to respond to the queries quickly and efficiently.

Also, if you don’t have SAP CRM software for your business, you might lose money. Marketing and sales team generate a lot of data and managing a huge amount of data requires results in time lost in administrative tasks and unreliable results.

A few things that you need to keep in mind for finding the best CRM software for your business:

1. Usability:

CRM Software is the backbone of your business and if it’s not easy to use, you won’t reach your goals and there’s no point in deploying such a system.

2. CRM software based on the cloud:

It is important to have CRM software that is based on the cloud so that you can access your clients anywhere, anytime.

3. Funnel Management:

Make sure that your CRM software allows you to keep track of all your clients right from the beginning so that you can proficiently manage their data.

Here we have researched and curated a list of the best CRM software as per your industry needs. Keep reading to know more!

Best CRM Software for small business

Choosing the most adept software for small businesses would depend upon the business priorities which would differ for all the businesses. Two important parameters for short-listing CRM systems for small businesses are ease of use and budget-friendly free CRM software.

SalesForce is one of the most reliable and well-known best CRM systems that are a pro at managing your small-business operations. Salesforce CRM software provides all-in-all solutions for all your sales requirements. The pricing of this software is also in-line with the small business pricing requirements.

Reasons to buy-

1.1 Intuitive & Sales-focused

1.2 Advanced Customization

1.3 Economical Solutions

Best CRM Software for Marketing

CRM software for marketing is designed with the sole purpose of generating specific new leads, and further converting these leads into sales. The marketing-based CRM solutions are generally available in the form of cloud solutions so that you can access them at your ease anytime.

CRM software for marketing expands the client base for an organization and also brings new dimensions to your organization’s already marketing strategies. There is various CRM software for marketing such as HubSpot, Zoho, Zendesk Sell.

HubSpot stands out of all these due to the features as mentioned below:

HubSpot was founded by MIT Alumni and since then this CRM software has been a dominant player in the marketing industry. Here are a few reasons why Hubspot can be your best bet as a marketing tool. Here is a quick list of pros for this marketing software:

1.1 Social media campaigns and marketing

1.2 Tracking your marketing campaigns in real-time

1.3 Efficient revenue reporting

Best CRM Software for Real Estate Industry

Trust is what is most important when it comes to the real estate industry. Managing customer relationships, and allowing efficient communication between buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers through dedicated CRM software takes your business to the next level. The Real Estate Management Software Market is expected to hit $12.89 Billion by 2025.

There are various reasons to choose CRM for your real-estate business, and with the number of systems available in the market, choosing one of them is difficult.

After an extensive amount of research, we have shortlisted Zoho as the most suitable CRM software for your real-estate business.

Zoho is a very easy-to-use platform that provides you with the utmost capability to run a small business. Build specifically for the real estate industry, this impeccable software allows its users to manage the sales processes, property bids, inventory management for real estate agents in a simpler way. From easy integration to free plans, Zoho- a cloud-based CRM software can be the best fit for your small business in the following ways-

1.1 Cloud-based platform

1.2 Compatibility

1.3 Great lead capturing

Best CRM Software for Non-Profit Organization

The sole purpose of using CRM is to simplify administrative tasks and ensure a better customer-business relationship. Non-profit organizations have a large number of members in their network, and keeping a track of them is also very difficult. CRM tools offer several benefits to enterprises, but for non-profit organizations, this software flaunts additional features such as member engagement and much more.

Salsa is one big name when it comes to the best CRM software for non-profit organizations. Over 10k non-profit organizations are already leveraging this tool for their enterprise needs such as marketing, call to action, direct emails, etc. This software has the additional benefit of being exclusively developed for nonprofit organizations.

Here are a few whys and wherefores that would convince you to use Salsa as your CRM software:

1.1 Donor Management

1.2 Tracking online donations

1.3 Event management & task management

Best Financial Advisor CRM software

Financial advisors have the aim of increasing business while making long-lasting and profitable relationships with their clients. CRM systems are fuelled by data, and being able to cultivate this data into useable information is the biggest benefit of CRM software.

For financial advisors, the best CRM software is RedTail. Want to know why? Read the reasons below:

Redtail is one such CRM software that has the largest market share for any CRM software, and the reason behind the same is the best user experience. Since its invention in 2003, RedTail has been enjoying the position of being the best CRM management tool by providing the financial advisor's benefits such as contact management, marketing, and creative tools.

Here are a few reasons to go for this CRM software:

1.1 Efficient sales force and automation

1.2 Easy lead form integration

1.3 Marketing automation for easy workflow setup

Best CRM Software for Healthcare Industry

As well we all know now, CRM solutions are the best business solutions ever, and there are various reasons to believe so. Choosing the best CRM software for the healthcare industry requires looking into the specific features of the software. The healthcare industry's adoption of mobile CRM also will rise by 2028 as companies shift their focus toward "value-based care" business models. Different types of healthcare industry CRM include patient management CRM, Medical data management CRM, payer management CRM and so on.

SalesForce as we have mentioned before is a very popular CRM solution for your business. The solution provided by this system is free CRM software. SalesForce Health cloud is a platform that is built specifically for various healthcare services.

This healthcare solution provides services such as appointment reminders & cancellations.

Reasons to buy Salesforce as your next Healthcare CRM Software-

1.1 Free CRM software

1.2 Easy Integration for patient management and outreach

1.3 Access to transparent customer engagement insights

So, these were a few CRM software that we found good for specific industries as per industry needs and software features. Choosing software according to your enterprise needs extensive research including budget research, feature list, current market research, and much more. Hence, to take the burden off your shoulders we have curated a list specific to your enterprise needs. Hope you find the information useful!

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